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Time magazine claims the word ‘feminist’ should be banished from popular usage.  The word should join the bunch of other empty signifiers such as YOLO and OMG.  So meaningless has the word become according to Time that “every celebrity ha[s]  to state their position on whether the word applied to them”.  But hasn’t the magazine jumped the gun with that claim?  Atypical Musings joins other bloggers who have schooled Time on their folly.

Our 2 picks for the Epic Side Eye show the extent to which women remain easy diss targets especially when they are doing that feminist thing of re-claiming their voices.

 Don Lemon’s Rape Prevention Advice

As Joan Tarshis recounted the sordid details of the sexual assault to which she was subjected by comedian Bill Cosby, CNN’s Don Lemon found his serious journalist balls umm courage to ask her that burning question he claims was at the forefront of viewers’ minds:  Did she consider using her teeth as weapons to avoid performing oral sex demanded by her predator?

Really bro?

Tarshis had already revealed her quick thinking in trying to prevent the assault.  In her drugged state, she says, she remembers telling Cosby that she was carrying one of those infectious diseases that he would pass on to his wife. Although deterred momentarily, she says it merely resulted in him changing tactics and orifices.  But what does Lemon want to know: Why didn’t she use her teeth to stop him.

For someone who reminded us of his sensitivity to such abuse having been a victim himself, how did Lemon miss the lesson that rape is not about the pleasure of sex but the exercise of power over the weak and vulnerable?

I refuse to mention Lemon’s common cause with Cosby regarding the failings of the African-American community.  No, that is completely irrelevant here.  My guess is that this was Lemon’s best impression of the impartial journalist of that special CNN vintage who prides himself on ‘keeping them honest” and providing “fair and balanced” news.

I wait with baited breath for Lemon to have Cosby on his show to break his deafening silence and clear his name.  Nah…I choose life instead.

#FAIL  #AskCosby2Breakhissilence #dontdissabusevictims



Watermelon and the National Book Awards

My word! Can you believe it? Jacqueline Woodson, an African-American woman who just happens to be a writer and the winner of the 2014 National Book Award prize in Young People’s Literature category is allergic to watermelon.

Sharp inhale! How could that possibly be?

Daniel Handler, host of the Awards ceremony last week thought he would go all Archie Bunker humorous by cracking a watermelon joke about Woodson’s allergy.

I confess.  I just don’t get it. I learned about watermelon being a negative stereotype associated with African-Americans soon after arriving here as an immigrant. Years have passed since my arrival. I still don’t get it.  Is watermelon exclusively enjoyed enormously by African-Americans? Is there also some kind of segregation among melons based on IQ or something?

Honeydew and Water Melons

Honeydew and Water Melons

Watermelons for African-Americans and Honeydew for ??  Whom exactly? That’s the kind of nonsensical logic this stereotype suggests.

But stereotypes generally don’t make a lot of sense. Well, apart from conveying the bankruptcy of the imaginations of colonizers’ past, stereotypes are silly.  However, these stereotypes continue to breathe the oxygen of life while exhaling the toxicity of the past in their current usage.  From the circulated photo of watermelons on the White House lawn to watermelon being lobbed randomly as insults at African-Americans: Why does the fruit continue to be invested with such poison?

In another life, I am sure watermelon would be included on the favored lists power foods filled with the numerous health benefits and nutrients.  Smart move to to love consuming the fruit then aye?


#Savetheapologies  #thinkb4speaking


Epic Side Eye






Having made these errors in judgement, Time magazine, Don Lemon and Daniel Handler all issued apologies for their faux pas.


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