Silver Spring Thanksgiving Parade – Photo Essay

Silver Spring, Maryland’s annual Thanksgiving Parade was as colorful and energetic as ever and attracted hundreds of spectators who lined the parade route through the city’s busy downtown.  Some might compare it unfavorably to parades in big cities but one of the many things that makes the Silver Spring parade different is the community’s enthusiastic participation and support of this and other activiites.

A vibrant and widely diverse community with bustling busineses in a revived Downtown, Silver Spring continues to renew and expand its appeal to a wide spectrum of people.  The annual Thanksgiving parade reflected much of the community’s unique character that makes it distinctively American in its history and cultural complexity.

Having arrived a bit late, Atypical Musings had the opportunity to capture images of the tail end of the parade. The larger crowds had already followed the earlier bands as they made their way along Gerogia Avenue towards the Fire Station where its ended.  Others may have missed the photos of these final bands but Atypical Musings was on spot to bring you the photos of those bands that brought up the rear.  All performed as energetically for the crowd as the earlier bands and provided quite a show for the spectators who dallied behind to catch them.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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