Hillary Wants One More Debate – Only


You don’t need to be a cynic to be unsurprised by Secretary Hillary Clinton’s sudden change of heart in wanting another debate scheduled between the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary next week.  For her,  it boils down to what her campaign now promotes as one of her strengths – pragmatic politics. How else do you keep it real and grounded in reality in what is always a tough as nails campaign to become POTUS.  How to get it done?  Of course, the rules must be changed! Those early debate rules that DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz  refused to re-negotiate must absolutely be changed.  Six scheduled debates are just not working to the benefit of the Clinton campaign?  I’m curious about the reasons Wasserman- Shultz will spin for being persuauded (finally) to schedule more debates. But wait!  Does that mean that the Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley campaigns’ claims of collusion between the DNC’s Wasserman – Schultz and the Clinton campaign might have some merit?  Those pesky claims that  were vehemently denied by Wasserman – Shultz and Clinton that they conferred on scheduling as few debates as possible and ensuring that they would air on weekends predominantly when competition for the audience’s attention was highest. As with Obama in 2008, few anticipated that Sanders would prove to be a more than worthy opponent against  Clinton’s inevitablity.  I was just happy that other candidates were brave enough to take on the Clinton machinery especially after the brutal ’08 campaign. But a week is a long time in politics and recent polls consistently show Sanders gaining ground on Clinton in those early states.  Much as I would want to empathize with Clinton’s ambition to become the first female POTUS, I like a fair battle; I like when the best person wins after that battle. Fortunately, the Sanders campaign is using this opportunity to negotiate not just the one additional debate that Clinton anxiously wants (that she hopes will take her safely to the so-called fire wall of African – American voters in South Carolina and the other delegate rich big states) but at least 3 more debates.  Sanders’ campaign is also said to be negotiating for O’Malley to be included in the additional debates.  This will be a boon for the former Maryland governor whose inclusion on the debate stage always hangs precariously on if his struggling polling numbers meet the criteria of the sponsoring media outlet/s.  Whether the Clinton campaign will agree to all three additional debates is left to be seen. What might prove rather interesting is watching the pragmatic politics at work in getting this volte face accomplished gracefully.  Having dug in her heels so steadfastly, how will Wasserman – Schultz prostrate herself in service to the Clinton campaign this time around? How will they both explain away this change of heart.  Will they fall back on that go-to sound bite of listening to what the people want?  Or better yet that fail safe presidential lesson of demonstrating democracy at work?  SMDH     To submit a correction or for permission to republish content, please contact us here.

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