Happy Diwali!

When Hindu, Sikh and Jain religious communities gather to celebrate Diwali in Canada, many will reflect on the dark events of terror of the past few days.  Canada, some say, has lost its innocence.  But this year’s Diwali celebrations bring renewed hope it occurs at such a difficult time for Canada.  Diwali’s message of the triumph of light over darkness, wisdom over ignorance and the overwhelming love of family and community could not be more poignant and timely.  No doubt the lights of the diyas will help to guide the way in the coming days as Canada comes to terms with the shock but also strives to maintain its composure and level-headed calm.

Indeed, as various conflicts, wars and disease engulf so many countries and peoples across the world, Diwali observances prompt a renewed commitment to the best of human values as familes and communities congregate to exchange gifts, share food and bond over the blessings of life, health and peace.  To our readers in India and its diasporic communities around the globe – from metropolitan cities in North America, the UK and Europe, to the islands of the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean territories especially of Guyana, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago – we wish you a Happy Diwali.

Let the Diwali Lights Shine through all the corners of darkness.

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