Equal Opportunity Divers-icky – KKK Stylin

Is the Ku Klux Klan suffering some kind of identity crisis?  The historically far right organization with a violent reputation among African-Americans has offered an olive branch of sorts, in

the spirit of diversity, to all African-Americans, Jews, Hispanics and Gays.  Yes, you read that correctly. Belatedly, but the KKK is ready to extend a hand of inclusiveness by inviting African Americans and other minorities to become members of the new Klan.  No word yet on whether that will include full membership immediately or if initially minorities will be allowed three-fifths membership that will increase incrementally.

Apparently all KKK splinter groups didn’t get the memo.  Within days of the “historic” invitation, its Missouri chapter aka The Traditionalist American Knights of the KKK distributed flyers threatening Ferguson protesters with “lethal force”.  According to chapter leader Frank Ancona, lethal force is required to defend themselves from attack.  Without a hint of irony, this Missouri chapter characterized the Ferguson protesters advocating for justice for the slaughtered teen, Michael Brown as “terrorists masquerading as peaceful protesters.”

The KKK didn’t enjoy much success enforcing lethal force in cyberspace however.  Their attempts to defend their twitter accounts against hactivists Anonymous went horribly wrong.  Goading Anonymous into action after the hactivists warned them against threatening Ferguson protesters, the KKK triggered a cyber war that they were ill-equipped to win.  Not only have their Twitter accounts been cyber-jacked, but Anonymous is currently contemplating whether to expose members’ names and other info garnered from their hactivity.

Did I hear Ancona (exposed as a police officer who attended rallies in support of Ferguson’s trigger-happy police officer Darren Wilson) describe Anonymous as “a bunch of kids in their mom’s basement whacking off.”?

Nah….instead I heard a chorus go #BOOM.

 RATING: Epic Side Eye

Epic Side Eye


Barack Obama the Trending Chinese Rapper

So Chinese journalism professor Yin Hong thinks that President Barack Obama’s gum chewing and use of the US Embassy’s limo during his recent attendance at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum in Beijing, China is evidence of him behaving like a “rapper” and “idler”.


I missed that development in rap culture: Nicorette  gum now has equivalent ranking with favorite rapper brands like Cîroc Vodka, Cristal champagne or Maybach???  Me thinks Yin Hong has himself insulted the likes of Lil Wayne, T.I. or Gucci Mane.  Or perhaps he wants to start an East vs West beef (translation courtesy of Urbandictionary.com:  beef = grudge) as not seen since Tupac and Biggie.  Advice to Yin Hong: To be a thought leader on things American, please get your Black stereotypes right.

RATING: Cutting Side Eyes

Cutting Side Eyes

Cutting Side Eyes -3




Democrats Winning XL Pipe Strategy

Observing the strategies of different democratic candidates during the recent midterm elections, it was hard to miss that those candidates who pointedly distanced themselves from the President lost to their Republican counterparts.  In spite of the challenges of fighting midterms when incumbency fatigue has set in, some critics have argued that cynical voters prefer to see candidates who have the courage to stand up and support the party under whose banner they are seeking election to serve.  Who wants a pale replica of the opposition candidate?  Who do you choose when the option is: Same vs More of the Same?  Answer: None of the Above.  Ergo, a failed strategy for democrats.

So what can we make of Sen Mary Landrieu’s desperate and failed attempt to lobby enough votes to pass legislation aimed at jump starting the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline project?  Or Claire McCaskill’s declaration that she would withhold support for Harry Reid’s election as Minority Leader since she interprets the midterm results as mandating new leadership in Congress.  Shouldn’t more than half of Congress leave office according to that logic?

If these “clever” actions are any indication of what to expect in the run up to 2016, people we are in for a rough ride as we watch the Democrats snatch defeat from the jaws of victory – not for the first time.  Do we need Dr Phil to ask them repeatedly: How’s that working for you?


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Epic Side Eye









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