Chris Matthews and the “2 Cuban Guys”

Did I hear correctly?  Was that Chris Matthews in his signature shouty tones having a monologue discussion about the presumed debilitating effects of Donald Trump’s absence from the Republican debate stage and referring rather disparagingly to Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz as those “two Cuban guys”?

No. Never! Not Chris Matthews.

Is this really the same sanctimonious Matthews, who like some others in the media assume this posture of utter outrage as they hyperventilate about the Donald’s xenophobia, racism, Islamophobia, bigotry, sexism, misogyny, white cultural nationalism etc etc?  The performance of the outrage sometimes reaching decibel levels until it starts to take on the same pantomime quality as Trump’s own trumpet loud dog whistles to his base; a base that so many want to relegate to the fringe less they reveal those dirty little secrets that were supposed to be left behind after the Civil War and Civil Rights.

But here is Matthews thundering at asking the Washington Post’s Robert Costa to weigh in on:

“Who’s going to watch a debate with 2 Cuban guys? Who’s going to watch a debate between Rubio, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz?  Who cares? Cause you know..they’ve sort of … this..interleague fight [about]  who’s the more hawkish guy or whatever? Who’s gonna watch that Thursday night?”

I thought Donald Trump was the birther in chief and his birtherism only held sway with that loyal base.  Even if there’s a gray area concerning if Cruz meets the legal criteria of being a “natural-born American” since he was born in Canada (and not on American soil in the strictest sense as some constitutional lawyers have interpreted the Constitution) and only revoked his dual Canadian citizenship in 2015 in preparation to run for president, nobody has ever questioned his or Marco Rubio’s American citizenship.  They are Americans.  Cuban-Americans if you choose to specify their cultural heritage.

Will Matthews burnish his birther credentials by also referring to Julián Castro as a Mexican if, as is widely thought, he is selected as Hillary Clinton’s running mate should she win the Democratic party’s nomination?  Or would that be impolitic when Clinton’s victory (and the maintenance of the status quo) hinges on the Democrats locking down that Hispanic/Black/minority vote in similar fashion to Barack Obama in ’08 and ’12?

For being oblivious to the irony of his birther style remarks (don’t worry, we’ll get into the poor female reporters from the field next time), Musings gives Matthews the snarky side-eye.  Well deserved too!


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