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Atypical Musings thrives on peering behind the headlines and trying to find the deeper meaning behind current cultural and political events domestically and around the world.  For me, thinking critically and independently about the predictably partisan perspectives in the main stream media is the description of fun  –  Seriously! 😉  Where do I lean politically, you might ask? Well, depending on the issue, I might lean progressively left, left or center left, sometimes even right of center but never dogmatically so.  And never far left or far right (impossible).  There’s no fun in outer fringes.

Coming from the perspective of a varied immigrant experience in a few countries, I take a decidedly cross cultural approach to news events.  My opinions are also informed by sound contextual research and only after some seriously fun time thinking about any number of other possible points of view.  Apart from current domestic and international events, you can also look forward to  special Musings’ book and documentary film reviews. Because I am interested in expanding the community around the blog, other blogger/writers with specialist expertise in any range of current issues will also contribute regularly to the Musings.

So if you’re tired of the mundane and predictable current affairs coverage and crave refreshing, insightful opinions with a dash of wit, some attitude, a whole dollop of common sense and some sly humor, bookmark this site so you can continue to receive your Musings fix!  Better yet, subscribe to the blog, comment on our blog posts and tweet it all to your friends and family.

Welcome to Atypical Musings.

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