2015 New African Film Festival

With the official start of Spring just days away, the outdoors beckon.  Who can resist the invitingly warm temperatures and the promise of nature’s renewal? In the DC Metro area as in other cities, Spring also heralds a spate of film festivals.

New African Film Festival at AFI

The AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center is currently hosting the 11th Annual New African Film Festival in conjunction with Africa World Now Project and afrikafé.  The venue has been screening some fantastic films from more than 10 different countries across the African continent.  The week-long festival opened last Thursday March 12 and ends in 2 days’ time.

The Ethiopian film “Triangle – Going to America” [Sost Maezen] was screened on opening night followed by a Q&A session with the director Theodros Teshome.  “Triangle” deals with some of the challenges faced by African immigrants in search of a better life in the US.  Filmmaker Teshome examines some of the life threatening risks that immigrants take in their quest for improved chances in life.  The film asks the poignant question: Are these immigrants chasing an unattainable dream?

Other festival films deal with topical issues that include state corruption, coming of age in unsettled socio-political and familial circumstances, stories of people identifying as LGBT in Kenya and much more.

Of the films being screened, most were released in 2014 and include popular selections from directors and filmmakers from Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Bukina Faso.  Many of the films also gained critical acclaim at notable film festivals in metropolitan cities of Cannes, London, Toronto, San Francisco and Moscow.

If you missed the first screenings of these films at the New African Film Festival, you will have the opportunity to catch them on rotation during the next couple days.

You can still see the following films:

March 17

“Black November”  –  Nigeria
“White Shadow”      –  Tanzania/Germany/Italy
“B’ella”                       –   Malawi

March 18

“National Diploma” Examen d’ètat   –  Congo/France
“Where the Road Runs Out”               –  Equatorial Guinea/South Africa/ Neatherlands
“The Samaritans”                                  –   Kenya

March 19

“White Shadow”        –   Tanzania/Germany/Italy
“Veve”                          –   Kenya/Germany
“Four Corners”           –   South Africa

For details about films, screening times and to purchase tickets, you should check out the AFI Silver’s website here.

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